Sustainable, Reliable Solar Energy

Mission Statement: Energy and Clean Air are Primary Human Needs

Our mission now involves reverting the effects of the rising Earth’s temperature due to the emissions of pollutants. Climate change is an existential threat. It is rolling ahead out of control. Most of humanity is just beginning to realize what the consequences are.

It is hard to confront. Many do not agree due to fixed ideas that are more political in nature than the evidence before one’s eyes. But, global warming, climate change, whichever label one uses to describe this existential crisis, very much needs to be confronted. Because there is no option but to pursue solutions to revert it, and now’s the time for major causation to handle this situation.

Why? Because it is capable of destroying all life!

In 2100, my 5-year-old grandson, Boston, will be 78, if he makes it through the effects of an un-reverted rising planet temperature! These effects are easy to predict because they are happening now, and they are observable. And coming down the road as the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, there will be increasing magnitudes of extreme weather and its results—fires, floods, hurricanes, diminishing ice caps, receding land masses with rising seas, and drought… These extreme environmental conditions result in massive population relocation, loss of property, disease, famine, conflict, suffering, and loss of life—magnitudes of changes in life as we know it! That is very hard to confront. Most just bounce off it. Or deny it. It is a natural disaster, seemingly beyond the control of the individual. But this is not true. There are solutions if employed soon enough and in enough volume.

Solar power, the energy source without CO2 emissions pumped into the atmosphere, is a huge part of the solution. Right now, we can do something about it. Build solar power plants with storage, and outlaw the burning of CO2-emitting fuels to create power.

I know I can at least do my part…. My mission… Energy Systems LLC’s mission, and hopefully, my gift to Boston, and all children alive today. I am building solar power plants. I am looking for people who can and want to align with that purpose.

Thank you for your help and support.

Sherry Faust, CEO
Energy Systems LLC