Renewable Energy is as easy to find as sunlight, as prolific as landfill garbage,
and as accessible as the vast reserves of coal.


A utility grade system is now in development stage for Southern Nevada


Diesel from municipal solid waste:  simple, energy-efficient process for producing high-quality fuels from this basic hydrocarbon biomass.


Inadvertently, Energy Systems, LLC, was brought into the oil industry to provide fuel to the US.

Sustainable, zero to low-carbon conversion of solar and biomass can provide a significant portion of the energy for a growing global demand.   At the same time, we can reduce our emissions of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide to levels that scientists say will avoid the worst impact of atmospheric pollution.  With sustainable, zero to low-carbon power, these energy sources  are more in demand for the establishment of a clean energy economy, which is now booming across the country, boosting as well the financial value of what resources were once considered, or becoming, liabilities – liquid waste like sewage, municipal solid waste – trash filling up the landfills and oceans- and coal.


Utilizing the natural resources to provide energy for the planet