Solar Development

Solar Power Plant Development & Construction

Marketing Campaign

  • PPA Marketing campaign is underway promoting to entities entities in California and Nevada industrial and commercial as well as the Spot Market for electrical sales.


  • Environmental study is done with no endangered species or NEPA violations found. Summary is in hand. No agency submissions are required.

Engineering Procurement & Construction

  • ESLLC is considering doing its own EPC work


  • We now have 5 projects in preliminary planning, with the first moving forward to shovel ready.  Craig Sutton of Keller Investments is driving the land control project at this time.  NV 240 acres is waiting for our agreement as having been done.  Texas is in progress on the purchase agreement in land south of San Antonio.  Similar to current Pahrump price.    NM sites, two are under contract.   We will require at least a year due diligence on all land control, and have agreement for another year’s renewal if needed.
  • During the process we are also pursuing the other commercial assets.  Example, Guadalupe Valley Electric Association has already asked us to submit a proposal with the kWh price.
  • Commercial Assets: First the development total will be between $1M and $2M cost for each, to do all the financial engineering, solar engineering, transmission line engineering, applications, hearings, Grid Connection Agreement, County Development Agreement and deal with all their departments including Civil Engineering code compliance,
  • Power Plant creation is an intricate project with many parties, and takes some time to ensure forward movement.  We have to run tests on all the sites to determine the production of the sun per meter squared.   If we invest this money, we want to make sure the land control is ours until we finish the due diligence on the site’s performance.  We want to get the structure in the ground before the end of the year, if the due diligence proves positive, in order to be eligible for the secure Federal ITC funding.


Current Pojects

1. 100 acres 20MW in Pahrump – Under contract

2. 200 Acres 40MW adjacent to the current Pahrump project to be done

3. 100 acres 40 miles SE of San Antonio, Texas

4. 480 acres 90MW East of Albuquerque

5. NM East of Las Lunas NM – under contract MLP 1157 acres – Potential 230MW