We will consider any Commercial Project Funding.

Are you looking for financing for your energy project, or any commercial project?   We may help from the smaller projects to the multimillion dollar developments.

Whether your project is in the US or overseas, we have several lenders and investors that are commercial project and/or energy oriented.

Most developers have a difficult time finding funding for their projects, and it isn’t the development at fault, it’s the know how in putting together the transaction per the lender or investors’ interests and requirements.

We will add our compensation onto the gross amount of the loan, the percentage of which will depend on the gross amount of the funding approved.   Nothing is charged up front by Energy Systems, LLC.

Our lenders and investors are well known institutional companies, with proven performance and funding capability.

Just fill in the contact form and let us know what you need and want.

Renewable Energy is as easy to find as sunlight, as prolific as landfill garbage,
and as accessible as the vast reserves of coal.


A utility grade system is now in pre-development stage for Southern Nevada


The solution is to provide the asset of coal as a fuel source without burning it; and, without pumping the residuals into the environment.


Diesel from municipal solid waste:  simple, energy-efficient process for producing high-quality fuels from this basic hydrocarbon biomass.


Inadvertently, Energy Systems, LLC, was brought into the oil industry to provide fuel to the US.