Current Situation

BLOG MAY 12, 2020

There are 328,200,000 Americans.  CV-19 people today sick is at 1.4M and 82,000 deaths.  The 1.4M is about .004265 of the American people, or .4%.  Point 4%.  Less than half of one percent. The crashed economy affects at least 99% of 328,200,000 citizens.  Maybe a little less.  Say 98% or 321,636,000 are suffering.  US population in the great depression of 1929 was at 122,000,000.  The immediate research found says 40,000 died then over two years – most by suicide. Death by virus will likely climb to 130,000 until it is under control, projected at a shorter period of time. What’s the comparison? Now to the near future 130,000 / 328,200,000 = .039.   In 1929  40,000 / 122,000,000 = .032.  With both incidents the death rate count is less than one half of one percent.

In this current situation, May 2020, disease and sudden, shocking, financial poverty, isolation, and deprived connection to spiritual sources, our churches, combine.  It becomes more than two problems, it becomes four. And the cure for the disease is to shut down the sources of physical, mental and spiritual survival, hence no personal contact, and no production. Physical, mental and spiritual poverty results!  The solution to the virus is making, creating really, a much bigger problem, because of the quadruple negative effects potential.

The math is actually a no brainier as to what should be done.  People have to be allowed to  produce for their survival.  For their mental and spiritual well- being.  With the barriers removed, and practicing new social behaviors, four problems become one, and the one remaining is diminished by correct practices.  Can we tolerate less than one half of one percent so that 328,070,000 people can survive in a civilized society?

Yes. It is factually the greater good. This is a much enhanced scenario. A much more pro survival solution.   So why the great promotion of fear?  The mass media.  If it bleeds it leads.  Ratings.  Simple as that.  And there may be something deeper, but whatever that may be, I cannot control it.  And until I can, I continue to work, to determinedly flourish and prosper, and where I can, to help others.

Sherry Faust, CEO

Energy Systems LLC