Our Mission

A major point I feel is critical to mine and all energy production companies, now involves the effects of the rising Earth temperature due to the emissions of pollutants.  Climate Change is an existential threat.  It is rolling ahead out of control.  Most are just beginning to realize what it actually is.

I know it is hard to confront.  I know many do not agree.  But, global warming, climate change, whichever label one uses to describe this existential crisis, very much needs to be confronted.  Because there is no option but to pursue solutions to revert it, and now’s the time for causation on this situation.
Why?  Because it is capable of destroying all life!

In 2100, my 2 year old grandson, Boston, will be 81, if he makes it through the effects of an un-reverted rising planet temperature!  These effects are easy to predict, because they are happening now, they are observable.  And coming down the road as the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, there will be increasing magnitudes of the fires, floods, hurricanes, diminishing ice caps, receding land masses with rising seas, drought…these extreme environmental conditions result in massive population relocation, loss of property, disease, famine, conflict, suffering, loss of life.  Magnitudes of changes in life as we know it!  That is very hard to confront.  Most just bounce off it. Or deny it.  It is natural disaster.  Seemingly beyond the control of the individual.  But this is not true.  There are solutions if employed soon enough.

Solar power, the energy source without CO2 emissions pumped into the atmosphere, is a huge part of the solution.  Other technologies must be developed, like clean coal, but right now we can do something about it.  Build solar power plants.  In magnitudes, with storage, and outlaw the burning of CO2 emitting fuels to create power.

I know I can at least do my part….my mission…Energy Systems’ mission, and hopefully, my gift to Boston, and all children alive today.  I am building solar power plants.  I am looking for people who can and want to align with that purpose.

Thank you for your help and support.

Sherry Faust, CEO

Solar Development

Solar Power Plant Development & Construction

Marketing Campaign

  • PPA Marketing campaign is underway promoting to entities entities in California and Nevada industrial and commercial as well as the Spot Market for electrical sales.


  • Environmental study is done with no endangered species or NEPA violations found. Summary is in hand. No agency submissions are required.

Engineering Procurement & Construction

  • ESLLC is considering doing its own EPC work


  • We now have 5 projects in preliminary planning, with the first moving forward to shovel ready.  Craig Sutton of Keller Investments is driving the land control project at this time.  NV 240 acres is waiting for our agreement as having been done.  Texas is in progress on the purchase agreement in land south of San Antonio.  Similar to current Pahrump price.    NM sites, two are under contract.   We will require at least a year due diligence on all land control, and have agreement for another year’s renewal if needed.
  • During the process we are also pursuing the other commercial assets.  Example, Guadalupe Valley Electric Association has already asked us to submit a proposal with the kWh price.
  • Commercial Assets: First the development total will be between $1M and $2M cost for each, to do all the financial engineering, solar engineering, transmission line engineering, applications, hearings, Grid Connection Agreement, County Development Agreement and deal with all their departments including Civil Engineering code compliance,
  • Power Plant creation is an intricate project with many parties, and takes some time to ensure forward movement.  We have to run tests on all the sites to determine the production of the sun per meter squared.   If we invest this money, we want to make sure the land control is ours until we finish the due diligence on the site’s performance.  We want to get the structure in the ground before the end of the year, if the due diligence proves positive, in order to be eligible for the secure Federal ITC funding.


Current Pojects

1. 100 acres 20MW in Pahrump – Under contract

2. 200 Acres 40MW adjacent to the current Pahrump project to be done

3. 100 acres 40 miles SE of San Antonio, Texas

4. 480 acres 90MW East of Albuquerque

5. NM East of Las Lunas NM – under contract MLP 1157 acres – Potential 230MW

Draft of park at Pahrump

This is a draft of the intended park adjoined to the 20MW solar project in Pahrump, NV.  Picnic tables and horse trails, requested by neighboring residents, provide an aesthetic environment for the neighbors. Maintenance and cleanup will be provided.

First Solar Development

A 20MW utility grade system is now in development for Southern Nevada where the solar radiance is one of the highest on the planet. We specialize in the smaller utility grade solar projects, and invite any interested to contact us for additional information