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Equipment Highlights

  • Mobile Waste to Energy (B.R.A.V.O. or Bio Energy Refinery with Acoustic Variable Options) is a high capacity, mobile and bio-energy processor waste to energy solution that has been containerized to provide maximum benefit with minimum space.
  • The system is based on micro wave gasification and “Plug and Play” technology and powered by four 254 pound modified gas turbine jet engines.
  • Transport system measures 70 feet long, 10 feet wide and 12 feet high from floor to ceiling.
  • The transport system is powered by one of the four 750 horse power onboard gas turbines jet engines ( 2 CHP packs per van that drives the wheels + all process equipment and Microwave and spiral actor front end drivers for particle to gas & oil production).


What is this stuff we call waste?

Bio mass includes the production of diesel from municipal solid waste:  simple, energy-efficient process for producing high-quality fuels from this basic hydrocarbon biomass.

We all add to the waste stream every day – probably without thinking much about it.

In a given day an individual’s waste stream might include packaging from a new purchase, discarded coffee cups, take-out food containers or used up toothpaste tubes – just to name a tiny number of once-valuable items that become tons of waste, garbage and trash every day.

With some 200 million tons of waste per year it appears that there are two ways to address it. First, stop creating the waste in the first place, or, second, find a way to convert that waste back into something useful.

At Energy Systems LLC, we know the technology to convert this material, into electricity or diesel fuel with a unique technology that makes the process clean, efficient and economically viable.

Our future planning includes the full development of waste conversion.

Renewable Energy is as easy to find as sunlight, as prolific as landfill garbage,
and as accessible as the vast reserves of coal.

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A utility grade system is now in development stage for Southern Nevada

Diesel from municipal solid waste:  simple, energy-efficient process for producing high-quality fuels from this basic hydrocarbon biomass.